Enhancing Your Marriage and Family

Welcome to Enhancing Your Marriage and Family Ministries, a ministry designed for women who want to follow God in their relationships. 

Because He is the "Author" of relationships, God wants to play a vital part in them by sharing His input with us though the study and application of His Word. His desire is to deepen our walk with Him by knowing Him more deeply and then making Him known in our relationships. When we follow God in our marriage, in our parenting, in all our  relationships, He won’t disappoint us.

Judy's Bible Studies

Let these books introduce you to truths that will transform your marriage and family dynamics. 

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Being in a love-relationship with Jesus Christ can't help but influence your love-relationship with your husband). Enhancing Your Marriage: A Women's Bible Study will challenge you to follow God in every aspect of your marriage, to include:

· How the right love and proper respect can affect the attitudes and behavior of both you and your husband

· How commitment to your marital covenant keeps forgiveness ongoing

· What God’s original design intends for marital sex and romance (He was no prude!)

· How good communication can help heal the hard places in a marriage

· How developing a true friendship based on honesty cultivates an authentic marital relationship

· How all of the above will continue to build your relationship with Jesus Christ

· How praying for your husband will make all the difference in all of the above

Whether you study this book on your own, with a friend, or with a group, you will learn to enjoy and maximize the perks of your marriage while gaining new freedom and confidence to address the problems of your marriage. Your relationship with your husband (and with your LORD) will become a purposeful adventure! (A free, downloadable Leader’s Guide is available on this site.)

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Raising Responsive Children: A Bible Study for Moms is for both married and single moms (and grandmoms!) and applies to children of any age. We’ll examine:

· Who God is and what qualifies Him to be our ultimate Parent

· How our relationship with Jesus Christ influences our parenting process

· How to address our familial burdens and sins that only He can break

· How to parent to each child's God-designed uniqueness

· How we can use natural and created consequences creatively, boldly, and without guilt (so freeing!)

· How to address the five common challenges moms face in the parenting process

· What it means to raise responsive young men and women in today's culture

· How the power of prayer can get us through the challenges of our children’s growing up and adult years

You can study Raising Responsive Children on your own, with a friend, or with a group, The Leader’s Guide is free and downloadable. You will discover that as you follow God in your parenting, He won’t disappoint you.

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Since Genesis 3, God’s original design for His ultimate wedding gift—sex— has been corrupted and counterfeited well beyond His original intent. As a result, we need only look at our current culture and relationships to see its devasting impact. Naked and Unashamed: Choosing God's Divine Design for Sex focuses on what’s right with God’s design for sex, why it works, and what happens when we choose to operate both within it and outside of it. Among the many topics covered include:

· What happened “in the beginning” and why God’s divine redemption was necessary

· Who we were designed to trust

· What comprises the case for “truth”

· The many ways we were designed for sex

· How the counterfeit feeds the shame factor

· How forgiveness unleashes the freedom factor

· How we address a loved one’s sexual struggles

· How we address our own sexual struggles

· What it means to be truly “naked and unashamed”

This Bible study—for married and single women alike—addresses how God's beautiful design for sex will enhance your relationship with Him as well as with your husband or future husband.

I have taken this study 3 times in the last 18 years. Each time it has taught me to apply the Truth of God to the most critical issues going on in my marriage and family at the time. God has used this study to not only improve my marriage, but transform my walk with Him. I'll be forever grateful for Judy and the very special way her Biblestudy has impacted not only my life, but the lives of my husband and kids. Praise God for these studies and for Judy's willingness to serve God so faithfully.

Dana Marm, married for 18 years

Enhancing Your Marriage

A Women's Bible Study

Being in a love-relationship with Jesus Christ can't help but influence our love-relationship with our spouses. Jesus will see to that. He calls us to Himself and gently and lovingly begins to retool our souls. And much of that work takes place in the workshop of our marriages.

Raising Responsive Children

A Bible Study for Moms

Mom, have you considered that God's goal may not be to change your children so they'll do what you want, but to change you, so you'll do what He wants? This timeless Bible study helps you assess your relationship with your heavenly Parent and then helps you apply what He’s teaching you to your own parenting. It’s a 90-degree dynamic!  

Naked and Unashamed

Choosing God's Divine Design for Sex

We live in a sexually saturated culture that bombards adults and children alike, and sadly, every woman has or will experience its destructive impact. Written for today's woman, Naked & Unashamed is a 12-week Bible study that provides fresh answers and the hope of God's divine rescue for our sexually broken world.


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